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New Builds

New Builds

If you are undertaking a new build it will inevitably mean securing a trusting reliable Building Contractor to engage with to support you during this exciting journey. New Builds require expert advice and support from start to finish.

New Builds come natural to Seamus Foy & Sons Building Contractors with over 30 years of experience building new homes for customers all over the Midlands and Leinster. We offer complete ownership of a new build from groundwork to turning your key in your new home. You will only deal with your architect, engineer and us; we look after all the labour, machinery and material suppliers providing you with complete ownership and commitment to providing a top class service.

All our tradespeople are expert in their field and provide as close to perfection you will get on your new home.

Our expertise and professionalism that we have developed for more than 30 years of experience, has afforded us to have membership from different organisations.


homebond-logoFor most people, the purchase of a new home is the biggest investment they are likely to make. It is vital therefore that this asset is protected. Homebonds’ warranties are not a luxury but an essential protection.

Homebond provides a warranty in relation to:

  • Major structural defects for ten years.
  • Water and smoke penetration for the first five years of the warranty period.

National Guild of Master Craftsmen

ngmThe National Guild of Master Craftsmen is the largest organisation representing skilled tradesmen. Its aims are important to protect the skills and integrity of its members and clearly define the skilled from the non-skilled thus enabling the general public to choose a National Guild of Master Craftsmen to facilitate the service they require.

Construction Industry Federation

cifConstruction Industry Federation (CIF) actively represents and serves over 3,000 members covering businesses in all areas of the Irish construction industry through a network of 13 branches in 3 regions throughout Ireland and through its 37 Sectoral Associations.

New Builds Process

We provide free quotations on new builds and can arrange meetings at a time that is convenient for our customers to discuss their house plans and also arrange a viewing on show houses to display the standard of workmanship undertaken by Seamus Foy & Sons Building Contractors. We offer competitive prices recognizing the challenges our customers face in today’s economic climate.
Our quotations will allow for;

Quotation: Quotations submitted will be for a gross sum inclusive of VAT, and includes all materials, labour, and use of all Seamus Foy’s machinery that may be necessary to complete the whole of the works as outlined including off-loading materials, all access and attendance for safe installation of the works.

Site Organisation: Any surplus materials and rubbish to be cleared away by Seamus Foy & Sons as they accumulate and on completion to the satisfaction of the client, prior to handover.

General: All works and procedures must comply with current Building Regulation and Build Warranty Regulations. All materials and products are to be fixed/fitted/applied/mixed and used in accordance to their relevant manufacture’s specifications and instructions. All materials shall be fit for use and suitable for their purpose. Necessary notification to be given to Building Warranty prior to inspection of relevant works, Building Warranty compliance is the responsibility of the contractor and not the client.

Health and Safety: All works to comply with Health & Safety regulations, and in line with the specifications of work. All works to comply with Health & Safety regulations; fully insured building contractor for Employers Liability, Public Liability, Products Liability and Contractors All Risks Insurance.

Programme of Works

Depending on the size of your home and the complexity of the design, the construction will take approximately 6 months. Stage payments are agreed at the start of construction with our customer to allow for them to plan with their financial institution, making the process as hassle free as possible. Stages will likely follow the following format;

Stage of house
Preparing site to start foundations
Foundations & Rising Walls
Floor poured and first fix of plumbing
Blockwork of ground floor
Blockwork of first floor
Roof completed
Windows installed and first fix of electrical work
Plastering completed
Second fix of plumbing, laying of flooring
Second fix of carpentry work
Paths in and completion of all ground work

Call us for a free quotation (insert link to contact details or enquiry form) and view new builds on our projects page.

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