House Renovation Ideas- Projects To Avoid If You Decide To Move In Few Years

House Renovation Tips

Extensions and home renovation ideas can enhance the value of your home considerably. But there are some house renovations that can cause trouble while you try to sell off your house.

In ground pools

It may sound interesting to you, and is quite an expensive house renovation plan, but on the long run, it may cause trouble. Many home seekers, and prospective buyers, especially ones with small kids do not wish for a house with a pool. In addition to this, installing a pool increases your energy consumption, enhances your insurance costs too. So unless you are not planning to switch houses, or need a pool for regular use, including an in ground pool in your home improvement plan can be an unwise investment.

Model kitchens with high-end gadgets

If you live in a middle class neighbourhood, investing in fancy kitchen tools, state of the art tiles and cabinets can be a complete waste of money. It will be near to impossible to find a buyer who will be prepared to pay an extra amount for the kitchen of your dreams. So if you have future plans for shifting elsewhere try limiting your fantasies while renovating your kitchen or undergoing other house renovations, and stick to realistic ones.


These are a perfect place to relax and lounge, but if you have plans to move in the next few years, it is better that you do not invest in one. It is an expensive house renovation idea that will not ensure a better valuation of your property. The glass on the sunrooms, do not provide insulation and raises the energy costs of the house, and this might be a major setback while you are putting up your house for sale.


Minimal landscaping enhances the value of a property, but do not go overboard with it. Do not invest in expensive landscaping, opt for less expensive options to increase the appeal of our lawn or yard. Go for subtle yet classy improvements that impresses your buyers and helps to recoup the invested amount easily.

Contact a reputed construction company for any kind of house renovation in Dublin. An experienced company will provide you right consultation and suggestion after considering your budget and plans. It is better to get professional ideas before making any major decisions and investments.

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