Tips to choose a Home Renovation Contractor

A home renovation contractor is an important person – he can either turn your dream home into reality or ruin everything beyond your imagination. It is very important that you select the right contractor for the job. But even before you select a service that provides home renovation make sure that you follow these two very important rules:

  • Decide and finalize your project beforehand

    Renovators would surely give you suggestion but make sure that you stick to your initial plan and don’t make frequent changes in the middle of the project. This will not only create confusion but can also result in increased budget.

  • Let the home renovator buy material:

    Though you may think that you can save a few bucks but you must also understand that the professionals would be the best judge of the quality and they might also get a better bargain than you. So why take the extra pain?

Once you have made up your mind, the hunt begins:

  • Take quotations and brochures from at least 3 home renovation service providers:

    You can of course interview more people but it would make you more confused. So select few ( may be the ones that that your friends and family recommended) and ask for estimates. Check the estimates very minutely. See if all the estimates are based on same set of specifications and materials.

  • Do not sign the contract:

    until you completely understand each and everything written on it. Make sure that all verbal promises are put into writing.

  • Check the Credentials:

    If you stay in Ireland then check with National Guild of Master Craftsmen and Construction Industry Federation to see if the firms you are considering is associated with these organizations. Most renovators will introduce you to their recent and old clients. Meet them and ask whether the work was completed on time and if there was any dissatisfaction after the work was completed.

If you are searching for home renovation contractors in Ireland, or home renovation contractors in Dublin (in particular) you can contact us. We specialize in extensions, renovations and top-class conservatories.

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5 Tips on Home Renovation

Renovating a house is not easy; it takes a lot of careful planning and it involves a lot of shifting for the members, not to mention that one has to set aside quite a lot from their annual budget. Although the aim is to give the house a makeover and make it more beautiful than it was, here are a few things that should be looked into while renovating a house.

  • Exteriors:

    The exterior of the house is exposed to dust, rain and strong sunlight and hence the paint can become dull over a period of time, giving an overall shabby look to the house. However, it is not just enough to apply fresh coats of paint, one should also look for leaking roofs and repair broken fences or change the locks on the gate.

  • Plumbing:

    Over time, the pipes running through the house can develop cracks and start leaking. This results in damp walls and floors and if there is a basement in the house, it is most affected. The drainage system should be checked for any clogs or leakages- there is no use overhauling the floors and walls again just after a few months of doing your house all over again. This also goes a long way in saving additional costs.

  • Bathroom and Kitchen:

    The bathroom and the kitchen are the most intimate aspects of the house and needs the greatest care. Broken sinks and basins should be removed and also old bathtubs and kitchen counter tops if the have developed cracks. The fixtures in both these places are exposed to a lot of water that causes rust or develop water stains very too unsightly to look at, so they should also be replaced.

  • Storage:

    While renovating the house, try to make more storage space. Over time, a family accumulates a lot of things that are too special to the memory to be thrown away. Children grow up and yet parents are unable to part with their toys and baby clothes. The same can be said about antique furniture- one is simply unable to discard a teapot that was once a favourite of grandma’s. So it is best to throw out unnecessary junk and create space for things that matter.

  • Interior Designing:

    Lastly, once the ground work is done, one can think about the décor. The walls can be done differently- the peeling wallpaper can be changed. Likewise, the flooring can be changed- marble or granite can be brought in if budget allows or else new floor tiles may be installed. Furniture can be sent for polishing and to repair the upholstery, while carpets can be sent for a dry cleaning to get rid of the dirt and grime that has accumulated through the years. The lighting can be changed and additional things can be brought in for a new baby in the family perhaps.

With careful consideration, one can renovate the house by keeping these few things in mind.
If you have any queries about the home renovation or bathroom renovation, then please call us (087 2868700) or contact us. You can also drop a mail to us.

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5 Smart Tips on Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom is an intensely private space and hence it should have elements that would add to the physical as well as the emotional well being of the person entering it. At the same time, it should meet the basic requirements of the family using it. Every family has at least one member who spends hours in the bathroom and most people think that they can only make crucial life altering decisions when they are in the tub! If you are having a bathroom renovated and considering a serious makeover, then here are five useful tips to help you:

1. The needs of the family change over time. So if there is need to make more room or floor space, then start by removing cabinets or burly sinks etc that you do not need. For example, a couple might just have a baby and now they will definitely need more space for the child’s tub, baby commode or even extra shelves to store the baby’s soaps and shampoos. There is no use just decorating a bathroom unless one has room enough to move about comfortably and hence creating adequate space should be the predominant concern.

2. It does not take much to create a stylish bathroom. Simply changing the fittings to something stylish by removing the old water stained ones can add to a good facelift. One can change the colour theme by adding new wall and floor tiles. Change the old bathtub that had been chipping in places. The lights can be changed as well- instead of the usual bulbs and tubes, one can opt for muted lantern styled lamps that give a nice and soft glow to the bathroom. By adding a combination of all or some of these aspects, one can create a new look.

3. If you are spending your money to do the bathroom, then you might as well spend it so that you get the most out of it. Opt for durable items. The bathroom is a place where a lot of water is used and water marks and rust stains are exceedingly ghastly to look at. Invest in fixtures that resist water and are less prone to such damages. In that way, not only will you spend a lot less time and energy while cleaning the bathroom, the fixtures will also last much longer.

4. Most people are so engrossed in maintaining the décor, that they forget about what is usually hidden from the eye- the plumbing. While renovating, have all the pipes checked, the drains unclogged and the leaking pipes replaced. You don’t want to overhaul your newly painted bathroom walls after barely a few months, just to do it all over again.

5. Create storage space. Try not to clutter the bathroom with show-piece items. Rather create storage space for important things like spare towels, napkins, toilet paper etc. It really helps in the long run.

If you have any queries about the home renovation or bathroom renovation, then please call us (087 2868700) or contact us. You can also drop a mail to us.

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Tips To Renovate Your Home For Spring

Spring is nature’s way of telling the universe that it is time to start afresh by keeping the past behind. It is a great time to renovate your home and upgrade it. The freshness outside when combined with that inside the house will bring about a renewed vibe of positivity in your life. Here are a few useful tips to help you update your home during spring:


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